HypnoBirthing course

Birth preparation for couples who want to bring their baby into the world in a relaxed way. You can take the course in a group or individually. 

Why a pregnancy course?

We usually prepare well for major events in our lives. Like your wedding or a big project at work. The birth of a child, whether it's your first or your fourth, is a life changing event. While you can't control everything about how this will go, it's a good idea to prepare. By knowing what to expect and by being able to distinguish between the aspects of the birth process where you do influence and those over whom you have no influence, it is better to surrender to the process. And that surrender, that makes a world of difference in the experience and the course of the entire process. 

Why HypnoBirthing ?

It is a method that you, as a pregnant and as a birth partner, will benefit more from to trust gives in the birth process. We build this trust during the course. you get a lot information, but also practical tools to use during birth. On the basis of breathing and relaxation exercises can you prepare during pregnancy. Because just like you have to go to the gym regularly to get muscular, your mindset also needs training to achieve your goals.

Some Positive Effects

  • Breaking the anxiety-tension-pain cycle
  • Connection between the mother, baby and the birth partner
  • Birth partner is part of the birth
  • Less chance of hyperventilation 
  • Safe, beautiful and relaxing birth experience
  • More relaxed maternity period

Structure of the course

  • What is HypnoBirthing?
  • Importance of a positive mindset
  • Hormones and the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Uterus functioning
  • What is 'self-hypnosis'?
  • Prenatal Connection and Parenting
  • breathing techniques
  • relaxation exercises
  • Massage techniques
  • birth wishes
  • Advanced visualizations and deepening; the expected delivery date; induction of labor
  • Overview of the complete birth process; role of the birth partner
  • Optimal postures to adopt during the birth process
  • The maternity period: taking care of yourself and the baby
  • Breastfeeding

Practical information

A course consists of 5 sessions of about 2.5 hours. The birth partner, that is the person who will support you during the birth, is preferably present at every session. This way they also receive all the information, plus specific tips.

Price per duo

  • €300,- for the group course
  • €500,- for the individual course


Includes handouts and access to lending library. 


An partial refund is provided by the mutuality. Your health insurance may also provide an additional reimbursement, so be sure to check this.

True ?

  • Bee Chi-Arte: Luxemburgstraat 70, 9000 Ghent

When ?

June – FULL

  • Thursday evenings between 19:15 – 21:45 (2, 9, 16, 23, 30 June) 


  • Thursday evenings between 7:15 pm – 9:45 pm (4, 11, 18, 25 August and 1 September)

Holistic Pregnancy Monitoring

Warm follow-up for parents who want to experience their pregnancy consciously. We take the time to inform you about your options so that you can make the choices that are right for your family. We believe it is important to be able to build a relationship of trust. That is why we choose to work in a small team. We take an hour and a half for a consultation. Need a good conversation? We take the time to listen. Questions about the proposed procedures? We take the time to inform you about the options and the associated advantages and disadvantages. The decision is yours.

Ultrasounds at gynecologist

You can also combine pregnancy follow-up with ultrasounds at your gynaecologist. During our first consultation, we will discuss the options and together we will look for the guidance that meets your wishes and needs.

Security Sessions

In addition to the medical follow-up, it is also possible to schedule extra sessions. We tailor the content to your needs. We also recommend attending a birth wishes session. We will discuss the options for your upcoming birth together in detail. We do this on the basis of birth plan cards.

We grow not only our babies inside. We grow ourselves into the mother this baby has come for.

Birth wish session

Warm follow-up for parents who want to experience their pregnancy consciously. We take the time to inform you about your options so that you can make the choices that are right for your family.

Practical information

Since we are contracted, you get a large part of your money back through the health insurance fund. We explain our rates during our first meeting.

The address of our practice and our contact details can be found on the 'make an appointment' page.

Why a birth plan?

It makes you think about possibilities that you may never have considered. The birth partner is involved, you form one team. You will also automatically visualize the birth while making your birth plan, this power of thought is so strong – think of the self fulfilling prophecy!

Support in case of loss

If things go differently than hoped, we are also there to support you. In the event of a miscarriage, a stillbirth or for those who are faced with the painful 'choice' of a possible termination of pregnancy.

Feel free to contact us if you need this.

Practical information

Counseling on the day of a miscarriage is fully refundable. Afterwards, 3 more contacts were refunded. If you need more guidance, we can look at this together.

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