Our team

Sophie Van Cauwelaert

Nice to meet you! I am Sophie, midwife and postnatal doula. My interest in the world of birth started as a child, when my aunt told me stories about her job as a midwife. I started the training myself in 2016. An intense process that brought me closer to myself. In Austria I saw an alternative way of working, with more respect for the natural course of a birth. Respect for the parents and their wishes is also very important to me. That is why I started in 2020 together with Ruth Sneyers “Together for Respectful Birth" on. 

as a teacher HypnoBirthing I give parents more confidence in their own abilities and the strength to come for their wishes. I also hope to do this with all the parents we can guide with Geborgen Birth.

Chloe Lemonne

I am Chloe, midwife and postnatal doula at Safe Birth. I am also the mother of a boy, the sweetheart of Dries and the oldest of 3 sisters. My dream to live in Ghent and start my family there gave me the feeling of “everything is possible!”. I am a morning person, I like the energy of new beginnings. My dream is to cook delicious food, with vegetables from the vegetable garden, for parents who have just given birth to their baby and simply "are" there, supporting all phases of parenthood, from the preconception until late in the postnatal period of time.

What am I taking with me?

I like to take all my little tools with me for body, heart, soul and spirit: the placenta as medicine, Bach flowers, gemmotherapy, and a lot of other tools such as art therapy, affirmations, massage, rebozo, ... but also my intuition, my feelings and my experience as a wife and mother.

Harriet Ten Kate

Hello I'm Harriet. As a doula in training I offer extra non-medical support before, during and after the birth. I have completed the theoretical part of my training Bia doula training already finishedrounded. 

To shape my practical experience, I offer in collaboration with Geborgen Birth doula routes at. You will receive extra emotional, physical and mental support so that you can turn your birth into a powerful and positive story.

Our vision

Holistic Midwifery Care

What can it offer you? If your needs go beyond purely medical follow-up, we are there for you with attention to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. No rush for that though time and space to delve deeper into what is important to you. With a warm cup of tea, because we like to make it cosy. For you and the – for you – important people involved. We also take the time to inform you of your options so that you conscious choices can make based on information and intuition. You know yourself and your baby best, we are convinced of that. That's why we have all respect for your autonomy and integrity.

Building a relationship of trust

You and your family are central. To a bond of trust In order to be able to build up, we opt for a small team of 2 midwives. That way we can get to know each other well. This personal approach makes it possible to tailor our care to your individual needs.

In association with...

Sophie is affiliated with HypnoBirting International and delivers HypnoBirthing through the original Mongan Method.

Sophie is also affiliated with HypnoBirthing Netherlands & Belgium. 

We are members of the Flemish Professional Organization of Midwives and Sophie is on the Board of Directors. 

We followed our postnatal doula training at the international Postnatal Support Network.

We are both trained and affiliated with the Flemish Federation of Doulas.

For pre- and postnatal osteopathy we can warmly recommend Oka-Tri.

Winnie Trekker is the design doula of Geborgen Birth. 

In front of birth photography we like to work with Caroline Devulder, aka Caromama.

To deepen our postnatal doula offer, we have developed the 'postpartum kitchen apprenticeship' followed from Milk + Seed.

In front of chiropractic during pregnancy and for babies we recommend Marien Vermeulen.

Sophie is co-founder of the platform 'Together for Respectful Birth'. You are most welcome in the closed facebook group and can listen to our podcast, Reborn, through your podcast host.

We work together with general practitioners Helios with whom we share a practice. 

In front of pregnancy yoga can you visit Joke Deraedt van Con Patio.

Who would like a shiatsu receiving treatment can contact Villa Alma.

In front of pre- and postnatal physio can you contact Astrid van Chi Arte, in the room where the HypnoBirthing classes continue.

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