Childrens wish

Your Menstrual Cycle

Both partners have an important role in this. Diet and lifestyle changes improve sperm quality and uterine receptivity. For those trying to conceive, it is a good idea to be aware of your menstrual cycle. That is why we take extensive time to listen to how your cycle is now and we explain the fertility awareness method. In our second meeting we can then reflect on your charts.


In addition to these physical aspects, we also discuss the emotional aspects of a desire to have children and the relational aspects. This energy harmonization can be supported by Bach flower remedies, gemmotherapy, yoga, meditation, art therapy and more. 


Relationally, we take the time to discuss whether you are on the same wavelength as a couple. We also discuss the sexual impact of wanting to get pregnant. In particular, we consider what you need and have questions about.

Practical information

What ?

A child wish counseling consists of at least 2 consultations. We always set aside an hour for you for this.

Price ?

Price 50 euros

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