Doula support during childbirth

Harriet is the birth doula of our team. You can combine her care with the guidance of our midwives or separately. through her email address,, you can contact us directly.

Every birth is unique and requires attention in a different way. When you start the birth journey together with your baby and (possible) partner, the presence of a warm supportive birth team It is very important to turn that unique experience into a personal, positive story.

As a doula I can be present at the birth to help you in such a way support, that you you emotionally safe feel you fully inside you own strength and can better follow what your baby and your body are telling you.

We get to know each other during pregnancy. This is how we knead together a bond of trust and to your own story, so that you can face the birth with confidence. We talk about what's on your mind and see if we can reduce any fears you may have. We make sure you have all the information you need to own direction to start the journey. We talk about what you find important during the birth and about what role you want everyone present to take on. we practice relaxation techniques and delivery positions and you get a relaxing massage.

We work together on you personal birth plan. Not from the illusion that a birth can be planned. Well because think in advance about what you think is important gives confidence and strength. And you get a means of communication with those who will play a role in childbirth.

When the big moment approaches, I'm (from your 37th week of pregnancy) continuous standby for you. From the moment you need me to the end, i'm by your side. Regardless of how long it takes. As a trusted person who knows your wishes and sensitivities. 

I am there during birth in my full presence for you, with head, heart and hands. Because everything revolves around you and the baby. And of course I'm there for your partner. Rather than stepping into the foreground myself, I see if I can help your partner in his or her supporting role.  

I will visit you again a few days after the birth. To celebrate the new life and to together to look back on the intense birth experience. 



800 euro (exclusief vervoerskosten).  

This package price includes:

  • A no-obligation introductory meeting
  • 2 to 3 preparatory consultations that we design together according to your wishes
  • Contact by mail/phone/whatsapp during pregnancy
  • Available 24/7 from 37 weeks of pregnancy
  • Tailored support during the entire delivery
  • A postnatal consultation
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