Closing ritual

When you bring a child into the world you become more open than ever before, physically and energetically. That expansion is beautiful and necessary at the time, but creates an excessive irritability towards the outside world if it continues. Coming back to yourself after childbirth protects you from this and is an important part of your emotional recovery. This ritual supports your closure and increases your sense of security and security. This way you can continue to connect with your baby, without being overloaded by all the emotion and commotion of the outside world.

The rebozo closing ritual

  1. Telling your birth story
  2. Foot massage, letting go of emotions
  3. Herbal bath, warm up while experiencing the positive effects of the herbs
  4. Bundled up in many warm layers to relax and sweat out
  5. Closure with Rebozo wraps to regain body integrity

Practical information

We take extensive time for the closing ritual. We come with two and stay at your home for 3 hours. Other people who are close to your heart are also welcome, such as your partner, your (grand) mother, friends, ... if you like this.
Price €200,-

foot massage

A foot massage, wonderful. It is ideal for those who suffer from fatigue and therefore ideal for new parents. Thanks to the relaxing effect, this lowers the stress level of your body. For those who suffer from depression, baby blues or postpartum depression, this massage can bring relief in combination with the appropriate psychological support.


Practical information

When we come on a home visit for postnatal care, we can stay a little longer for a foot massage after our medical care. 

Price €30,-

Baby bath ritual

The baby bath is a welcome ritual for your newborn to celebrate its birth, with softness and love. This gives your baby time to release the built-up tensions of childbirth. A peaceful moment of transition between life in water and life on earth.

When and for whom?

  • For babies between 1 and 6 weeks
  • For all babies and parents who want to enjoy a magical moment of deep relaxation
  • For those who want to give a welcome ritual to the newborn

Positive effects for your baby

  • muscle relaxation
    Calming the nervous system
  • Optimizing the attachment with the parents
  • Releasing tensions associated with pregnancy and childbirth
  • And much more!

Practical information

We arrive at home and stay about 1h30. First we look together how the pregnancy and delivery went in order to meet the needs of the baby. . After that, baby gets his relaxing bathing ritual – the duration of which varies according to his needs.

Price €60,-

Shantala baby massage

Relaxed baby, relaxed parents. Baby massage supports the connection with your newborn and provides a wonderful zen moment. During a baby massage session you will learn how to massage your little one. It is a wonderful moment of connection.

Shantala baby massage

This form of baby massage has come over from India. It is based on the principles of Ayurveda, a traditional medicine from the region.

Positive smoothing for your baby

  • Stimulates a secure attachment
  • Less stress, more relaxation (also for crying babies)
  • Sleep more peacefully and deeply
  • More alert and interested in their environment
    Relief for colic

Positive effects for the parents

  • Promotes bonding with your baby
  • Helps to better understand your baby's body language
  • Relaxed baby, relaxed parents
  • Supportive effect in postpartum depression (in combination with specialized help)
    Practical information

Practical information

We come home. A session lasts about 1 hour.

Price €50,-

Belly binding

After 9 months your belly is 'empty' again. Bengkung Belly Binding is an Eastern technique where we wrap your belly with a long cloth. In this way you envelop your belly with security and firmness. You feel this both physically and emotionally.

Emotional Effects

Because your stomach is complicated, you can experience the feeling of staying with yourself more, even if there are many external stimuli. It's also comforting because your belly doesn't feel so empty right now. It nurtures and embraces you during your recovery.

Physical Effects

  • Support your abs
  • Better posture
    Stability in your pelvis and torso
  • Easier 'de-pregnancy' thanks to enhanced drainage of excess water and air
  • Nice warm belly

Practical information

For a belly binding session we stay at your home for 1 hour. We also show you and your partner how you can do it yourself. We also provide more information about how long and how often you can wear it. The abdominal wrapping is mainly intended for the period shortly after birth and can be phased out afterwards.
Price €50,-

Yoni Steam

The Yoni steam, or vaginal sauna, is an age-old practice used around the world to support women's health. Yoni is another word for the female genitals and also means 'source'.


Who isn't it for?

Yoni Steam is not suitable if you wear an IUD, if you are pregnant, if you have infections and during menstruation. The Yoni Steam is not a substitute for medical treatment.

Positive Effects

  • Supports healing after childbirth / abortion / miscarriage
  • Regulates the menstrual cycle
  • Reduces pain, cramps and other symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle
  • Improves fertility and libido
  • Let go of traumas and negative energies
  • Relieves Menopause Symptoms

Practical information

The Yoni Steam happens at your home and lasts 1h30. It is also possible to rent the stool for a few weeks. 

Price €70,-


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