Holistic Guidance during your pregnancy and after childbirth. Thanks to the unique combination of midwife care with postnatal doula guidance and HypnoBirthing we can offer holistic care to parents during this special stage of life.

Are you not pregnant yet? You are already welcome with us. We are happy to guide you and your partner by answering your questions such as 'how can we prepare ourselves physically for a pregnancy?'

You can contact us for the medical follow-up of your pregnancy in a warm way. We take extensive time per consultation. Do you want to prepare for a positive birth experience? Then you are welcome in the course HypnoBirthing.

if midwife we lovingly guide your brand new family in the first year after birth. We are also there for you in the (breast) feeding adventure. Do you want a soft start? Then we are also there to pamper you if postnatal doula.